Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Congratulations to the jv softball team on their victory against Williamsburg 10-2. Great pitching was done by Rachel Zawacki with 8 strike-outs. Lindsay Slone starting off the hitting with 2 rbi's followed by Christin Smith's double and 1 rbi, Kelsey Kirschner's triple, Laura Sacco's 1 rbi and Michaela Nordyke's 1 rbi. Two great bunts were executed by Logan Smith and the catch of the day in right field. Good defensive plays were made by short stop April Schmidt, third baseman Hannah Slye, second baseman, Michaela Nordyke and first baseman, Samantha Mcdowell. The action player of the game was our catcher Kelsey Kirschner who stole 3 bases, got caught in 2 pickles, hit a single, double and triple, and after falling on her run to home drugged herself by her arms to get over the plate. Never a dull moment when Kelsey is leading the team.