Thursday, February 24, 2011

Warden is That's My Boy finalist

New Richmond senior Austin Warden is a finalist for the 44th National Football Foundation’s “That’s My Boy” Award banquet, which is based upon the accumulation of points in three areas: football achievement, academic achievement, and extracurricular and community activities.

The award will be announced at the Scholar-Athlete Dinner, which will be in the Presidential Ballroom at the Westin Cincinnati March 3, 2011, at 7:00 p.m. Cash bar begins prior to the dinner at 6 p.m.

Other finalists for Ohio’s award are: David Brausch, Batavia ; Will Duncan, Cincinnati Country Day; Sam Fernandez, Ross; Jarrett Grace, Colerain; Ryan Haynes, McNicholas; Michael Millikin, Turpin; Aaron Patton, Winton Woods; Jonathan Tighe, Wyoming; and Joe Tull, Moeller.

Zach Gelter from New Richmond High School will receive the Tom Potter Memorial Award of Courage.

The finalists for Northern Kentucky include: Daniel Gold, Highlands; Damian Oden, Holmes; Matt Schafer, Cooper; and Troy Timmerman, Covington Catholic High School.

Steve Klonne, former head football at Moeller and McNicholas High School will receive the NFF Chapter’s “Lifetime Achievement” award.

The Anthony Munoz Foundation will present their Offensive Lineman and Defensive Lineman of the Year and the Marvin Lewis Community Fund will present their Coach of the Year Award.

Four scholar athletes, one from each of the local colleges — Jordan Gafford, Miami University: JK Schaffer, University of Cincinnati; Matt Clark, Thomas More and Erik Prosser, College Of Mount St. Joe— will be honored also.

For ticket information. please contact:

Julia Gandert 513-619-1645 (day) or

Ron Woyan 513-382-3173 (night).

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big Tournament Win for Lady Lions

The Lady Lions girls basketball team won again in the Div II Sectional Tournament at Withrow last night defeating Finneytown 45-36. Senior Reno Frayne once again led the charge scoring 15 points collecting 13 rebounds and dishing 4 assists. Freshman Josie Buckingham added 12 points and 11 rebounds while providing spectacular post defense against a big and talented Finneytown frontcourt. Sarah Shoemaker provided reliable ball handling and clutch outside shooting, she scored 8 points. The Lions play Wyoming in the Sectional Final on Saturday at 3:00 at Withrow HS. Presale tickets are on sale in the NRHS office.

The game was featured in today's Enquirer sports section.Click here to read

Congratulations On An Award Winning Winter Season

Congratulations to all Winter Athletes who were selected for 1st and 2nd Team All-Star and those that qualified for Districts and State and were also selected Coach of the Year.

1st Team All-Stars
Kaleigh Autzen - Academic Team
Josie Buckingham - Girls Basketball
Reno Frayne - Girls Basketball
Sam Anderson - Wrestling
J.R. Forsee - Wrestling
Cody Gabelman - Wrestling
Austin Skaggs - Wrestling
Ryan Zawacki - Wrestling

2nd Team All-Stars
Chris Turner - Boys Basketball
Sarah Shoemaker - Girls Basketball
Cory English - Wrestling
Brody Hooks - Wrestling
Jordan Hooks - Wrestling
Kevin Reid - Wrestling
James White - Wrestling

District Qualifiers
Kara Burns - Swimming
Alex Ariapad - Swimming
Tyler David - Swimming
Colt Reese - Swimming
Robbie Workman - Swimming
Sam Anderson - Wrestling
Cory English - Wrestling
J.R. Forsee - Wrestling
Cody Gabelman - Wrestling
Brody Hooks - Wrestling
Jordan Hooks - Wrestling
Clay Loadman - Wrestling
Kevin Reid - Wrestling
Austin Skaggs - Wrestling
James White - Wrestling
Ryan Zawacki - Wrestling

State Qualifiers
JR Forsee - Wrestling
Brody Hooks - Wrestling
Alternate - Austin Skaggs - Wrestling

SBAAC Coach of the Year
Deron Shinkle

Monday, February 21, 2011


The boys 200 yd. Free Relay comprised of Robbie Workman, Colt Reese, Tyler David, and Alex Ariapad finished with a good time and all 4 boys had splits in the 25+ range. Alex Ariapad did a good job with the 100 yd. Butterfly. The boys are already looking forward to next year.

Kara Burns did a great job in the 500 yd. Freestyle and finished in 16th place. She is looking forward to swimming at Coney this summer.

Congratulations to all the swimmers for a great job this season and doing a great job of representing New Richmond Athletes.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Lions repeat as Sectional Champs and have 12 finish top 5!!

You heard that right, repeat Sectional Champs!! Coming off a SBAAC Championship some thought the Lions would rest on their victory, wrong, the Lions picked up the pace and defended their Sectional Crown. Batavia gym was packed to capacity. The Lion faithful filled the center section. We had numerous inactive wrestlers and inactive coaches there,(once a Lion coach/wrestler always a Lion coach/wrestler. You are always ready for action and waiting on the call). Our superintendent, Adam Bird (an inactive wrestler) caught the action along with our AD Doug Foote(not an inactive wrestler!!), some even say they saw George Clooney there filming his new movie, who would have thought?

The Lions had three sectional champs, Brody Hooks @112 lbs., Austin Skaggs @119 lbs. and JR Forsee @285 lbs. The Lions had three finish second, Ryan Zawacki @140 lbs., Cory English @152 lbs. and James White @171 lbs. . Third place finishers were Jordon Hooks @103 lbs., Cody Gabelman @125 lbs. and Kevin Reid @160 lbs.. Sam Anderson finished fourth @130 lbs. along with Clay Loadman @140 lbs. and Nathan Dixon finished fifth @215 lbs. .

On a more serious note, coach John Barger is still in ICU @ Anderson Mercy hospital. He is stable at this time but still needs our thoughts and prayers. This championship was for you!

Next up for the Lions is districts @ Goshen Friday and Saturday. WE ARE NR!!

2011 Batavia Division II Sectional Scores
1. New Richmond 249.5
2. Wilmington 221.0
3. Batavia 152.0
4. Wyoming 150.0
5. Bethel-Tate 140.5
6. Goshen 127.0
7. Clermont NE 97.0
8. Norwood 89.0
9. McNicholas 85.0
10. Taylor 53.0
11. Roger Bacon 52.0
12. Hughes 28.5
13. Indian Hill 27.0
14. Finneytown 12.0

First Place
103: Nick Simpson(Clermont NE) maj. dec. Brandon Kahlenbeck(Bethel-Tate) 19-7
112: Brody Hooks(New Richmond) maj. dec. Michael Turner(Roger Bacon) 14-2
119: Austin Skaggs(New Richmond) over Billy Combs(Goshen) default
125: Ryan Addis(Norwood) dec. Chip Ratcliff(Bethel-Tate) 4-3
130: Mikey Gonzalez(Wyoming) dec. Chase Eldridge(Batavia) 8-7
135: Daniel Zimmerman(Wyoming) pin Zach Hargis(Batavia) 4:45
140: Aaron Walker(Goshen) dec. Kyle Ross(Wilmington) 9-2
145: Isaac Bray(Wilmington) dec. Ryan Zawacki(New Richmond) 6-1
152: Anthony Carome(Goshen) dec. Cory English(New Richmond) 9-4
160: Michael Burge(Wilmington) pin Aluor Nyamor(Wyoming) 2:30
171: Michael Sagan(Wyoming) dec. James White(New Richmond) 14-11
189: Chaz Gresham(Goshen) pin Connor Maglecic(Norwood) 2:35
215: Chris Cowman(Wilmington) maj. dec. Brad Riley(Norwood) 17-3
285: J.R. Forsee(New Richmond) dec. Adam Blum(Wyoming) 5-1

Third Place
103: Jordon Hooks(New Richmond) pin Zach Macella(Wilmington) 1:45
112: Griffin Stith(Batavia) over D'Arius Miller(Hughes) default
119: Brian Carter(Bethel-Tate) dec. Josh McCloskey(Batavia) 9-2
125: Cody Gabelman(New Richmond) pin Zach Johnson(Wilmington) 4:02
130: Jake Hamblin(Bethel-Tate) over Sam Anderson(New Richmond) default
135: Wyatt DeWeese(Wilmington) pin Marc Sonnega(McNicholas) 4:40
140: Jeff Mack(Bethel-Tate) dec. Clay Loadman(New Richmond) 3-1
145: Ryan Strochinsky(Taylor) maj. dec. Josh Sagan(Wyoming) 10-2
152: Rudy Schieldknecht(McNicholas) dec. Blake Hurtt(Bethel-Tate) 7-2
160: Kevin Reid(New Richmond) maj. dec. Mike Almond(Batavia) 12-0
171: Gabe Archer(Batavia) pin Colton Taylor(Wilmington) 4:30
189: Shadrach Brausch(Wilmington) pin Chris Dorsonking(McNicholas) 0:37
215: Austin Arnold(Goshen) pin Devon Thomas(Roger Bacon) 0:08otu
285: Matt Evans(Wilmington) pin Jordan Jeffers(Clermont NE) 1:46

Fifth Place
103: Ty Dornbusch(Roger Bacon) maj. dec. Mikey Roberts(Batavia) 19-9
112: Aaron Sommerville(Indian Hill) maj. dec. Travis Bee(Bethel-Tate) 12-3
119: Will Keri(McNicholas) pin Dakota Stanforth(Clermont NE) 4:32
125: Corbin Guggenheim(Wyoming) dec. Kevin Neibauer(Batavia) 9-3
130: Conner Reynolds(Clermont NE) pin Kyle Collins(Norwood) 1:50
135: Connor Rahm(Goshen) over Dylan Creager(Clermont NE) default
140: Andrew Sapinsley(Indian Hill) dec. Josh Forkner(Clermont NE) 14-10
145: Jaylin Louis(Hughes) over Mike Musselman(Batavia) default
152: Brandon Strochinsky(Taylor) dec. Drew Ragle(Norwood) 5-2
160: Nick SchweikaTT(McNicholas) pin Blake Bishop(Clermont NE) 0:35
171: Josh Closser(Bethel-Tate) pin Matt Battaglia(McNicholas) 2:35
189: Chris Barrier(Taylor) pin Scott Brendamour(Indian Hill) 2:12
215: Nathan Dixon(New Richmond) pin Jeff Williams(Taylor) 2:18
285: Kian Mollette(Bethel-Tate) pin Josh Lawson(Batavia) 0:38

Consolation Semifinal
103: Zach Macella(Wilmington) tech. fall Mikey Roberts(Batavia) 17-2
Jordon Hooks(New Richmond) pin Ty Dornbusch(Roger Bacon) 1:31
112: Griffin Stith(Batavia) dec. Aaron Sommerville(Indian Hill) 12-9
D'Arius Miller(Hughes) maj. dec. Travis Bee(Bethel-Tate) 24-11
119: Josh McCloskey(Batavia) pin Dakota Stanforth(Clermont NE) 2:12
Brian Carter(Bethel-Tate) tech. fall Will Keri(McNicholas) 15-0
125: Zach Johnson(Wilmington) dec. Corbin Guggenheim(Wyoming) 5-3ot
Cody Gabelman(New Richmond) pin Kevin Neibauer(Batavia) 3:34
130: Jake Hamblin(Bethel-Tate) dec. Conner Reynolds(Clermont NE) 6-2
Sam Anderson(New Richmond) pin Kyle Collins(Norwood) 2:50
135: Wyatt DeWeese(Wilmington) dec. Dylan Creager(Clermont NE) 12-7
Marc Sonnega(McNicholas) dec. Connor Rahm(Goshen) 10-5
140: Jeff Mack(Bethel-Tate) maj. dec. Andrew Sapinsley(Indian Hill) 17-3
Clay Loadman(New Richmond) pin Josh Forkner(Clermont NE) 1:58
145: Ryan Strochinsky(Taylor) pin Mike Musselman(Batavia) 2:54
Josh Sagan(Wyoming) pin Jaylin Louis(Hughes) 4:41
152: Rudy Schieldknecht(McNicholas) maj. dec. Brandon Strochinsky(Taylor) 12-4
Blake Hurtt(Bethel-Tate) dec. Drew Ragle(Norwood) 5-3
160: Mike Almond(Batavia) dec. Nick SchweikaTT(McNicholas) 9-7
Kevin Reid(New Richmond) pin Blake Bishop(Clermont NE) 0:34
171: Colton Taylor(Wilmington) tech. fall Matt Battaglia(McNicholas) 15-0
Gabe Archer(Batavia) pin Josh Closser(Bethel-Tate) 4:40
189: Chris Dorsonking(McNicholas) pin Chris Barrier(Taylor) 4:19
Shadrach Brausch(Wilmington) pin Scott Brendamour(Indian Hill) 3:48
215: Devon Thomas(Roger Bacon) pin Jeff Williams(Taylor) 2:54
Austin Arnold(Goshen) dec. Nathan Dixon(New Richmond) 6-2
285: Jordan Jeffers(Clermont NE) pin Kian Mollette(Bethel-Tate) 0:50
Matt Evans(Wilmington) pin Josh Lawson(Batavia) 2:30