Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lion Golfers Hit the Links With a Mighty Roar

The 2011 Lions golf team has gotten off to a fast and furious start this season. They have gotten off to an 18-3 record to begin the season. The team has played 72 holes so far this season and their average score for 9 holes is 163 which comes out to each man averaging 40.7 which is OUTSTANDING. Here is the recap of the first 4 matches of the season:

S.B.A.A.C. All-League Invitational @ Cedar Trace Golf Course 8/5/11

The Lions were matched up with 5 other teams ( Bethel, Blanchester, C.N.E.,Goshen, and Western Brown) from the S.B.A.A.C. League. The Lions shot a 332 and beat second place Blanchester by 19 strokes. Leading the Lions in scoring was Co-Medalist Freshman Chris mazzaro with a 76. Also scoring well were Juniors Evan McKinley and Henry Heidlage with 85's. Junior Austin Wells shot an 86 and Senior Austin Skaggs and Junior David Ohntrup shot 91's. (Record 5-0).

Batavia/Maderia Invitational @ The Vineyard Golf Course 8/9/11

The Lions played against some of the best talent in the city and matched up very well. The Lions placed fourth in a very strong field. The winners of the event were Indian Hill and Mariemont with 317's and third place was Taylor with a 318. The Lions came in 2 strokes from being in first place with a 319. Leading the Lions in scoring was Chris Mazzaro and Evan McKinley with 78's. Autin Wells (81), Freshman Kyle Heidlage (82), Henry Heidlage (84), and Austin Skaggs (89). (Record 11-3)

Bethel Invitational @ Friendly Meadows Golf Course 8/10/11

The Lions were matched up again with teams from the S.B.A.A.C. in the inagural Bethel Invitational. The field included Amelia, Batavia, Bethel, C.N.E.,Goshen and Western Brown. The Lions shot just well enough to beat second place Amelia 335-343 to win the tournament. Leading the Lions were Medalist Chris Mazzaro (76), 4th Medalist Evan McKinley (80), 6th Meadalist Austin Wells (87), Henry Heidlage (92), Austin Skaggs (95), and Junior Matt Rydzewski 102. (Record 17-3)

Bethel Dual Match @ Lindale Golf Course 8/11/11

The Lion Golfers were matched up againt league foe Bethel for the first dual match of the season. It was a slugfest right from the get go. The Lions held on to prevail 319-321. Both teams shot very well, but the home course advantage helped the Lions come out with the victory. Leading the Lions in scoring was Evan McKinley (77), Chris Mazzaro (80), Austin Wells and David Ohntrup (81's), Henry Heidlage and Kyle Heidlage (82's). (Record 18-3)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Parent Meeting/Meet the Team

We will have our fall state parent meeting at the middle school this year in the gym. Here is the schedule for the evening.
6:00 OHSAA State Parent Meeting
6:45 Individual team meetings
7:15 Pig Roast ($3.00 for everyone except for those who buy memberships.)
7:30 Meet the Teams

Hope you can make it out